Each year, I get many of the same questions over and over again in email, so I decided to create this FAQ:

Q: How is it decided who is and is not on the TDoR list of names?

A: The names on the list are people who died because of anti-transgender violence. In the past some have contacted TDoR to ask that suicides or domestic violence victims be added to the list, but the list is specific to those who died from anti-transgender violence.

Q:I believe that people who are victims of suicides or domestic violence victims should be on the list, can’t you just add them?

A: No, but you can. This list is just that, a list. If you’re having a TDoR service, you can add to the list yourself if you disagree with who is on the list.


Q: How come your list number is different from _________ website?

A: You will find lists that have more victims on them and there are a few reasons for that:

  1. media confirmation – many sites will use rumours, hearsay, and word of mouth as verification. We require media confirmation (typically though links to news sites) to add a name to the list.
  2. numbers – unfortunately the bigger the number, the bigger the news story. But we try to get the most accurate reflection of anti-transgender violence in the past year. This list doesn’t exist to bolster an organization, but to memorialize human beings who died simply because of who they are.


Q: Why isn’t the list updated right now?

A: the TransgenderDoR website is updated through September, October, and November and will have the most up to date information for TDoR events and the list of names during that time. If you would like to volunteer (currently this is a one person effort) time, please email me below.

This FAQ will be updated as needed. If you have a question, email transgenderdor@gmail.com

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